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Affordable, Efficient and Secure Storage Solutions


Affordable Mobile Storage provides you temporary or permanent, secure, on-site portable storage solutions in Western North Carolina when you need a little extra room. Our cost-effective storage trailers and storage containers are delivered directly to your location and are available for rent or purchase.

We are a subsidiary of Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. and since our founding in 1972, our goal is providing you with responsive and outstanding customer service. Contact us today at (828) 465-1815 for your storage solution quote.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell the containers and what is the cost?
Yes we sale our containers and pricing depends upon the condition of the containers.

How much space do I need for your storage containers?
Storage containers typical are 20’ and 40’ lengths. The 20’ containers are delivered on a rollback that slides of the back and typically require about 50’. The 40’ containers are delivered on with a tuck and trailer combo and we would need about 100’. Likewise, we need 13’ of vertical clearance. We also need a wide area to deliver the containers so we can maneuver as needed.

Can I get the doors on containers facing either way?
Yes, when we schedule delivery we will ask you if you need the doors towards the cab of the truck or towards the rear.

What are the dimensions of storage containers?
Click Here to See Typical Dimensions

If I order a container, how soon is it delivered?
Once your order we can generally deliver it to you within 24 hours and many times we deliver the same day.

What type of site preparation do I need?
We generally recommend a flat surface.

Do you require someone to be on site when the container is delivered?
We highly recommend that someone be onsite in order to place the container exactly where needed.

What are your rental, delivery and pick-up charges?
This depends upon the length of the rental and location of the container. We require payment for the first month, delivery and pick-up prior to delivery.

What are you payment methods?
We accept credit cards, checks, cash and pre-approved credit.

How long can I keep the storage container?
You can keep the unit as long as you need.

Can you move the container to another location?
Yes, we can reposition EMPTY containers for you but not loaded even partially loaded.

What color are your containers?
Our containers are typically painted a dark neutral gray color.

What types of doors are on the container and do you provide locks?
Our containers come with doors on one end and are swing type doors. You are responsible for providing your own locks.

Will delivery of storage containers damage my yard, road, or yard?
We take great care to delivering and pick-up storage containers without damaging your property. The weight and nature of storage containers typically do leave minimal marks on driveways or yards. The truck, trailer and container typically weigh well over 10,000 lbs. empty weight. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for any damages made as stipulated in our contract.

What is the difference between wind/water tight, cargo-worthy and one-trip containers?
“Wind/water tight” container has working doors that seal but can no longer be certified for sea shipments. “Wind/water tight” containers typically have cosmetic issues and usually the reason a container can no longer pass inspection is that there are too many or too large dents

A “cargo worthy” container is also “wind and water tight” and still be certified for sea shipments. 

“One trip” containers are “cargo-worthy” containers that were manufactured within the last 1-2 calendar years and generally have little to no cosmetic issues and are certified for sea shipments.


How high do storage trailers sit off the ground?
Storage trailers are typically “dock height” of between 48” and 52” off the ground.

What type of doors are on your storage trailers?
They either come with roll-up or swing doors.